Budapest Nihil

“Mindenki művész,
mindenki kritikus”

Body Police

“The Body Police
is gonna hunt you down”


Anthem XYZ

“Sex and drugs and shiny toys
The kindergarten is all yours”

“The whole album is about the dynamics between the individual and the cultural influences, with the assumption that most people don’t really want real freedom but only the illusion of it: to be able to choose from three things instead of one mandatory. Today, in our culture which is filled with motivational quotes like “be yourself, dare to be different” etc… even being an intellectual can only be measured by cultural references per sec. As a fan of the culture of tje 90’s we might think it was a decade of honesty, badassery, and with all it’s loser culture it was more human – but most people were always consumers instead of creators – so we always needed hostesses representing the entertainment industry to tell us what to think, what to feel, what to do and what to love.”

Zeitgeist Pop

 “You’ve got your freedom:
You can choose from the list”

What could the notion of “rock band” mean in the consumer culture of the 21st. century, when you must always create new content to maintain interest? You can have your principles and your recycled stadium rock riffs, if you don’t act as a good businessman/pr/marketing manager you’ll end up in the junkard of the culture as a misunderstood artist with nothing else but the pride of moral victory”