COGGA – Track by Track (EN)

Alone in the Moon
Collection of Great Generational Anthems
A track-by-track analysis by the band

COGGA_front cover

The background of the record

Adrian:  This record has a very special meaning to me as it’s not just our first album, but a musical and lyrical summary of my teenage years and early twenties – basically my youth. Curiously, this very important period of my life – growing up – coincided with the era when the internet, the social media, the digital culture took over  our society and changed our lives. So Collection of Great Generational Anthems is a coming of age record for the Generation Y: a memento of adolescence and also the pre-digital culture.

Post-teenage feelings with obsolete soundtrack: this record is kind of a tribute to the mainstream rock music of 90’s: from Nirvana to Deftones, from Radiohead to Kyuss, from Limp Bizkit to Tool, from 1990 to 2003. Music for the last MTV generation.

There’s also another biographical layer: the first incarnation of this band was founded in 2002 in my freshman year at high school – when I was 14 – and I just turned to 26 when we started to record it. Some songs were more than 10 years old that time. Although Balazs, our drummer arrived in 2012 – and that’s the year we think the band had finally formed – in the 9 years before his arrival we were kind of busy for our own enjoyment. The “ancient-AITM” had a lot of line-up changes but its core: Gabor Uzonyi (drums), Zoltan Simon (bass) and Adrian Varhidi (vocals/guitars) was more or less stable. In that 9 years we wrote approx. 60 songs, recorded a lot of demos – all in all we had 5 albums worth of material.

When Balazs arrived he hated a lot of those songs, and wanted to rewrite some others. My aim of course was to change these songs as little as possible because throughout the years they became a part of me. This approach may have been resulted in some flaws – some songs are too long, some riffs are unnecessary etc. – but I absolutely stand behind this decision as it was a lot about conserving my thoughts, feelings and inspirations of a certain period of my life. These are the reason behind the record’s length: releasing a 14 song LP is absolutely going against today’s trends – however this record originates from the golden era of the CD format and also the long albums.

The album track-by-track

Thanks to the emotion engineers highly-respected, well-experienced veterans of the music industry, in the XXI century we are now able to create music that will surely please the audience just with satisfying the expectations. We used these guidelines to create our rockmetal album. The featured genres are displayed below.


Zeitgeist Pop 05,06,19

About: The power of entertainment culture


Adrian: The opening track – basically it’s the intro – about the comfort of consuming In exchange for your money you don’t have to work on yourself, all you have to do is lay back – buy a “pack” that contains everything from clothing, musical/movie/literature video game taste to your friends, your job, your behavior, your thoughts. You don’t have to think – you just have to feel. No matter how “rebellious” and “independent” a rock band could seem, we’re not an expectation: we’re a part of the system. We need to follow certain rules if we want to be successful. This song was inspired by my biggest problem: in most of these songs I criticize things I’m dependent on: business, PR, marketing, social media. That’s why I wanted to declare that everything I sing about/I write about is in quote marks.


Buzzkiller Saturday 06,21

About: The cult of being special


Adrian: This song is about people who think they are unique but their personality is simply a summary of props they buy (from clothes, movie quotes)


The Justifier 18,21,24

About: Fake social injustice warriors


Adrian: It’s a demagogue song about how ridiculous it is to sing about social injustices but make money with it at the same time. Of course there are some many unfair things happening in the world and these are so ‘in your face’ because of the internet so it’s easy to get cynical or anarchic. But there’s always someone – a politician or maybe a musician – to exploit these feelings.

Anthem XYZ 05,18

About: Generation Z


Adrian: The grunge anthem of the record. GenX music (grunge) with lyrics about the GenZ through the eyes of a 20 something GenY guy, who’s singing about how spoiled rotten and debauched today’s kids are –  it’s ridiculous but fun.

Digital Holocaust 21,24

About: The overload of insignificant information


Adrian The insane amount of information not just made us less capable to focus on things but also the difference between how we measure their significance started to blur. On a typical news portal or on our Facebook newsfeed, articles about mass murders are featured next to cute animal pictures and holiday bikini photos. As the significant thoughts get lost in the sea of opinions, thinking in general in devaluating.

Generation Flesh 18,24,25

About: Oversexualized pop culture


Adrian: Sex sex and sex everywhere

Emigrant Song 05,21

About: The obsession for new


Adrian: A song about the constant desire for something new, something better – there’s always some kind of temptation to move onto something new instead of improving something we already have  – may it be a relationship, our work, our anything else “Ending is better than mending”

Franny Lane 05,19

About: Losing faith in purity


Adrian: I was 16 when I wrote this song – originally it was typical teenage breakup song but the lyrics I made 10 years later is more like a last goodbye for the old innocent image of love.

Ultrabitch 06,21

About:   Handling women as sex items

Adrian: A semi-parody song, just to mock ultra feminists and Male chauvinists at the same time.

The Age of Women 05,09,18

About: Prey males


Adrian: A one night stand story about a young guy who wanders the night waiting for a woman to hunt him down. The marching song of a new type of man with an ironic 80’s type  anthem-like cock rock chorus.


Newropean Nights 10,19,20,21

About: Our desire to lose ourselves in the night


Adrian: Maybe our most interesting song because my our intention was to mix the down-tuned heavy rock riffs with the reverbish indie music. It’s kind of a soundtrack of the luschios vibration of the night in Budapest, escaping into the night, the thrill of the strangers, the obsession for unknown experiences


25 10,19,20

About: Extended adolescence

Adrian: I wanted to feature a typical “we’re so young and happy” – type “advertisement soundtrack” song on the record in our own stlye of course. About the culture of “being forever young”, the extended teenage years stretched to our thirties or even beyond.  It’s half-serious, half parody but I like it very much because it features a lot of themes that were improvised in the studio, so every time I hear it it brings back the euphoric era the recording.


The Virgin 05,10,18,19

About: Emotional virgins


Adrian: This song is about those fearful but also alluring creatures who seem to be very independent and free but beneath their independence there’s this unbearable fear of love and dependent on someone – so they’re very lonely.



Sheep 05,18,16,21

About: About catharsis

Adrian: The outro of the record. It’s about that magical feeling we experience when listening to music, that makes us feel special, strong and free. But what if the magic behind music is just a fake euphoria, a tool that calms and stuns the pressure of the slaves? Or is it really making us free? Do I want to know how the trick works, or do choose to believe in magic?



Adrian: Since I have been started playing music recording an LP was my biggest desire. I’m a typical “album guy”:  to me listening to an album from start to finish in the night is the greatest pleasure besides playing music. Maybe our producer Gabor Vari has never had such a difficult recording session, because I wanted re-recorded things I was not satisfied with a lot. It was stressful. A lot of the corrections may seemed to be unnecessary to others. It was like walking above the abyss on an invisible bridge trough the mist – with hoping that there will be a solid ground in the other side of the ridge. Of course, it’s just a silly rock album. Maybe a retro album. Maybe an obsolete album. It may be a shit album. But it doesn’t really matter. It exists.

It was a long struggle of something that wanted get born from all those thoughts, experiences, loves, dissatisfaction, pain I suffered and pain I caused to others, songs and albums and musicians who “had the right” to deliver.

It took exactly 9 months to record this album – and it was really like giving birth to something – and I also reborn with it. This record is a confirmation that I’m able to achieve something that I’m proud of. Something that exists – with all its flaws. After the night of the finishing touches of the mastering I went on an hour walk from the studio to buy some drinks to celebrate. That was the first time I was able to listen to my very first LP from start to finish. That feeling – listening to my own record from start to finish – was something that justified all the hardships I had.  After all these years there was It. That euphoria kind of thing. It is my deepest hope that there will at least one person out there who will be inspired by at least one of these songs – and continues go on that invisible bridge.


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