Alone in the Moon is a rockmetal trio from the exotic Budapest that mixes the rawness of punk with the seducing cliches of hard rock. Our debut concept album Collection of Great Generational Anthems is a coming-of-age rock record of the Generation Y: a memento of adolescence and the pre-digital culture and also a tribute to the mainstream rock/metal of the 90’s and early 00’s: from Nirvana to Deftones, from Radiohead to Kyuss, from Korn to Tool, from 1990 to 2003.


“Music for the last MTV generation”. This idea is expanded in the CD booklet, which is created as a fictional cover album of non-existing bands’s songs – for an imaginary teen tv drama series – the Uncool Diaries.


You can download our debut album (with a 21-page digital booklet) for free on our bandcamp here.NOW_3117


Founded: in 2012, Budapest.
Members:  Balzs Menyharth: drums, Zoltan Simon: bass, Adrian: guitars/vocal
Discography: Zeitgeist Pop EP (2012), Collection of Great Generational Anthems LP (2015)
Biggest achievements:
–  After winning the national round of the Local Heroes competition we represented Hungary in the international gala in Vienna in 2012
– Regular shows in Hungarian festivals (Campus Festival, Rockmaraton Festival) and in clubs
– -We were invited to the “SXSW of Budapest” – Raketa Festival – which is a showcase of the most important  newcomer bands in Hungary.
– In the summer of 2015 we released our debut album with 14 songs entitled Collection of Great Generational Anthems, which received great critical acclaim in the Hungarian heavy music media.
– We’ve released two music videos so far: Anthem XYZ and Zeitgeist Pop
– While the digital version of the album is free to download on our Bandcamp site,  it has been released on CD and Vinyl. Also a “Digital Deluxe” version is also available featuring instrumental versions, pre-production demos and guitar tabs.


Our aim in our live shows is to give a really energetic, loud and noisy, sullen and angry performance that kind of symbolizes and hopefully resonates with the crowd’s frustration  of today’s fake smiles and happiness fascists.


It’s been a long time since I’ve heard a debut as good as this record – and I don’t mean just on the national market, but worldwide.  And it’s not just a great record – there are many cool albums  all the time –  but a compact, fine tuned record where the music, the lyrics, the meaning and the design – so the whole concept  – fit together  that well.(Nagy Andor /Shockmagazin – 9/10)

Collection of Great Generational Anthems is one the best Hungarian albums of the late times. It has everything music is worth listening for: grunge, rock, metal and a little special taste taste that is Alone in the Moon very own, creating a very special musical landscape.(Pintér Miklós/Grungery)

Collection of Great Generational Anthems is a long-needed album. Fresh, hot and angry. Rebelling against the dumb and pointless traditions, cheap principles and vapid ideologies. Recommended for: outrages, break-ups, showdowns, awakenings, and emotional overflows” (Beth/Rockstation)

“It’s a thinking man’s entertainment. Very honest and true. Not necessary for the listener but for the band it absolutely is and that’s the strength of the record. It wasn’t an easy listening for  me but it was always joyful because I felt that kind of  honest approach that punks used to have: they didn’t care about other’s opinions just did what they wanted to.” (Stonerblog)

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